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These People Should Probably Stay Single

July 18, 2024

Romantic love is something most people strike for. We all want that soulmate, the perfect puzzle piece that will complete us.

In reality we have to learn to work on ourselves before committing to another person. Love and romance aren’t going to solve all your problems, and starting something new without knowing how to handle your baggage is a recipe for disaster.Sometimes it’s better to stay single…especially if you’re anything like these people. From a nasty jealous streak to complete possessiveness over another person, these individuals need some serious help. They need to delete the dating apps and stay single until they can get a grip!Take a look at these walking red flags, you’ll know who to avoid in the future.

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We Can’t Read Your Mind

We Can’t Read Your Mind 2
reddit by u/Kreptyne

One of the most frustrating things every relationship struggles with is the lack of communication. We tend to keep things to ourselves in fear of rejection which results in misunderstanding and unnecessary arguments. On the other hand, some people deliberately choose not to share their feelings, assuming that the other side will be able to read their mind. We've all been in this situation. We ask our partners if they want something to eat, and they say no so we get food only for ourselves. Best case scenario they “steal” some of our food which is ok, sharing is caring. What's not ok is making a fuss over it just like this girl did.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

You Can’t Handle The Truth 3
reddit by u/CoconutCrepe

When you're flirting with someone and they wind up asking you a question you don't have an answer to, how do you handle it? A lot of the time, we can turn to Google to pull out our favorite album from a band we've never heard of. Or, we can change the subject and hope they don't notice. This person went for a different approach.  How embarrassing is it going to be when this person finally sends the song along and it's something from the Billboard Top 40? We don't want to gatekeep this person or shame their music choices, but frankly, this conversation is just annoying. We'd unmatch if we were in this situation.

What In The Actual Heck Is Going On Here

What In The Actual Heck Is Going On Here 4
reddit by u/Morchel03

We don't get the whole uwu thing over here. Sorry, not to call anyone out, we just don't get it. It's like, pretending that you're actually an animal or wearing one of those furry suits out in public. There are just some things that make us a little uncomfortable, and this is one of them. Plus, for a person to snap out of that fake cutesy thing so quickly just to be mean…this whole picture is just uncomfortable.  If we ever came across someone like this in the wild, we'd probably respond in the same exact way as this person. There's no reason not to use your words (and a few emojis) when talking to somebody, and it'll save everyone the embarrassment of having to deal with stuff like this. 

Wah, Wah, Wah, Internet Attention, Please

Wah, Wah, Wah, Internet Attention, Please 5
reddit by u/sbw4435

We have to say something that needs to be said: nobody is born emitting “unattractive” energy. Everyone has different tastes. But matching up and finding a healthy and compatible relationship can be tough. When two (or more) people get together in a loving way it can be something beautiful. That doesn't mean it's easy! It also doesn't help your case to find someone when all you do is complain online. Nobody wants to read your Internet diary of not finding love because you're you. That doesn't fly. Sure, some people may have a more difficult time finding love, but we're 99% sure they won't find it while venting on Facebook.

If Only It Were That Easy

If Only It Were That Easy 6
Reddit by u/icbawithlife

The human body is a wonderful and mysterious thing. For the most part, we have a basic idea of how it works and what we have to do to keep it working. If you have the type of body that ovulates or has to experience the effects of menstruation then there's a bit of additional stuff you have to do every month. People who don't get their periods don't seem to understand this. Even if they claim to do, that doesn't mean they understand how everything works. Unlike Netflix, you can't just unsubscribe from a monthly event like a period. However, if it were an option, maybe more people would want to opt out.

Cat Dads Are The Best

Cat Dads Are the Best 7
reddit by u/NachNach16

Whether you're a cat or a dog person, having pets at home is a blessing. It takes a special kind of person to love and take care of an animal unconditionally. Unfortunately, not everybody can understand the bond between a pet and its owner. This can cause some people to feel jealous of an animal, which we can all agree is absurd. We can understand feeling unwanted or unloved when you see your partner rush to their pet the second they come home. At the same time, it's important to understand that there are different forms of love, we don't love pets the same way we love humans. Understanding this is the key to a happier relationship.

Creepiest Date Offer, Maybe Ever

Creepiest Date Offer, Maybe Ever 8
reddit by u/hevondamrick

You know when you go to a restaurant, and you place an order, and then the cashier asks for your number? That's so they can call and tell you that your order is ready at the restaurant. If a cashier uses that information to call you after the fact, that's way out of line. But, if someone else who was standing in line was eavesdropping and found your number that way, that is a whole different story entirely.  Is this not one of the creepiest things you've ever seen? What made this guy think this would be alright!? Plus, if he thought she was cute at the restaurant, he could've just talked to her there, or asked for her number there. But instead, he went the absolute creeper route. 

On To Her Next Victim

On To Her Next Victim 9
reddit via u/Undercoverfootmodel

Entitlement is always pretty cringey, and this is a prime example. If we had to guess, we'd say that this Tinder “veteran” has a not-so-solid strategy of going on first dates simply to get a free expensive meal. Not the best way to find your soulmate, just saying. And when you thought that the cringe-fest was over, our guy gets in a last word that paints her in a pretty unfavorable light. Bragging about the time you spend on dating apps is a weird flex. It's almost like she's deliberately avoiding serious connections to keep using the app! That or she has extremely high expectations for her future husband. 

When Did *lip Quiver* Become A Thing?

When Did *lip Quiver* Become a Thing? 10
reddit by u/Joey5658

Are you *lip quiver* sure you want to send that message? Maybe do some proofreading before you send that off because there are a lot of things wrong here. For one, we weren't aware you had to let people with dyslexia down in a special way. Also, when is it okay to start flirtatiously messaging people in relationships? Plus, because this cringey post needs some more seasoning, why even bring in a sexist trope? Is this guy getting paid to be stupid? That's the only thing that would explain why someone would even consider that this was a smart note to send to someone.

Stranger Danger Is Still Real

Stranger Danger Is Still Real 11
Reddit by u/ur-local-goblin

Finding a partner in life that loves and respects you is already tough for some. Toss in exceptionally good-looking, loaded with cash, and isn't a threat in any sort of way? Now it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Do you know what makes it easier? Not doing it at night. When we're alone and in the dark, many people can feel vulnerable (or not at their most safe and secure). When we're busy going from dark and scary places to lit and secure, we'd rather focus on the task. It also helps that nobody approaches us in the middle of this terror-filled event. It doesn't matter how good-looking or rich they are. Just leave us alone to get where we're going. Safety doesn't care about how attractive you are.

Our Beds Are Painted In Rainbows

Our Beds Are Painted in Rainbows 12
reddit by u/Chad290

Whatever you keep your energy up throughout the day has no bearing on your sexuality. That's a sentence we never thought we'd have to string together. However, here we are, judging dumb people for their social media posts. You know what? You're here too, so there's that. Listen up folks: it's not gay to nap. It's only gay to nap if you're a member of the LGBTQ community and you want to nap. Even then, the act itself is pretty neutral. Plus, how many people are terrified of napping and waking up gay? Nearly nobody. It's great for EVERYONE! You'd have to be pretty insecure to avoid naps after reading this Tweet.

No Conversation Is Worth It

No Conversation Is Worth It 13
reddit via u/TheFrogPrints

Okay, what exactly is going on here? This is a confusing conversation and you couldn't pay us enough to have continued it. For starters, why is your first initial message one begging for money? You haven't even said hello yet! At least meet in person and exchange some conversation before asking for favors. This guy definitely wasn't expecting her to respond with such a rude attack on him and his record collection! Talk about being a sore loser! This whole exchange just doesn't make sense to us, and this woman had no right to get as mad as she did. If we were this guy, we would run, not walk, to the block button and erase all memory of this nasty exchange! 

Not Even Pants Are Safe?

Not Even Pants Are Safe? 14
reddit by u/AngelFoodCak3

History lesson: pants weren't invented for men OR women. It had nothing to do with anyone's body or gender identity. Pants were popularized because of how comfortable they made horse riding! The saddles and tack that we have now are nowhere near as uncomfortable and archaic as the earlier prototypes. Any bit of comfort a rider could get was a welcome addition.  Over the years, clothing has undergone drastic transformations. However, in what world are pants now considered immodest? So women aren't allowed to show skin AND they can't show that they have legs? Are legs the new identifier between men and women? This is getting out of hand. Just cut two holes in a burlap bag and give us a belt. This is getting ridiculous. 

Talk About Overconfidence

Talk About Overconfidence 15
reddit by u/i_smoked_salt

We've all been on bad dates with people. It can't be helped, not everyone is compatible. The important thing is to respect each other and understand that we all have our own preferences when it comes to dating. Thinking you're better than the person you're with is a recipe for disaster and can result in many years of loneliness. One of the worst things that can happen during a date is when one side shows zero interest and chooses to be occupied with their phone instead. There are many ways to deal with such behavior, but respect and understanding are key. Unfortunately, the woman in this case was very disrespectful and we hope she learns her lesson someday.

Relationship Philosophy Be Like

Relationship Philosophy Be Like 16
reddit by u/Alexccjrb

We all know how hard dating apps can be. They're full of all kinds of creeps and people with ridiculous standards. Most of the time it feels like it would be best to delete the app and stay single forever, but then we get a match and the vicious circle continues. One of the most frustrating people on these apps are those who think they deserve perfection and nothing less.  Imagine thinking you should be treated like royalty while having nothing to offer in return. On top of that, these people have “relationship wisdom” quotes that legitimize their behavior. If you see one of these people we would suggest staying away from them,  rational thinking and logic won't work.

Did Some People Skip Kindergarten/preschool?

Did Some People Skip Kindergarten/preschool? 17
reddit by u/boopyouonthenose

One of the first things you learn in school is that you're not supposed to touch other people. Consent is, or at least should be, the first thing everyone should be taught. Just keep your hands to yourself. It's that simple. If you decide not to, and someone says no, then absolutely stop then and there. Some people still don't get it. Whichever teacher/parent/school system failed this dude on a date should be ashamed. Can you imagine just “fixing” someone's hair for them before you even know their name? No. This person must have known there was no chance of a second date after this.

They’re All Going To Expire (Not Really)!

They’re All Going to Expire (Not Really)! 18
Reddit by u/Jessalaxy

Fun fact: Most people can conceive kiddos until they reach menopause. Also another fun fact: one of the oldest mothers to conceive a child and carry them to full-term was 56 when she gave birth! Want a third fun fact: your eggs don't shrivel up and turn to dust on your thirtieth birthday. Yes, eggs aren't immortal. Also yes, they can decrease in number over time. However, a big NO is assuming that all eggs expire at around the same time just because you enter your 30s. Also, this usually only applies to people. We have no clue if you should be keeping chicken eggs in your fridge until you're 30 (unless you bought them the day before when you were 29).

Sounds Like A Whole Lotta Bias…

Sounds Like a Whole Lotta Bias… 19
reddit by u/ItsOuttaHere13

Toddlers are incompetent when it comes to seat belts. Do you know why? Because when the car is eventually pulled over, the cop isn't giving the toddler the ticket. For having a handle with the word “Unbiased” in it, this sure sounds like you have a lot of bias, Katie. What do you have against toddlers and dogs? Fun fact: kids can't be trusted with their safety at a young age.  Another fun fact: leashes protect other people and animals from YOUR dog, as much as it protects them from running around. Third fun fact: holding the door open is just good manners. Where were you raised where those three things are considered bad? Do toddlers drive over unleashed dogs and crash into open doors in your town?

Dating All 60 Of Her Personalities

Dating All 60 of Her Personalities 20
reddit by u/monsieurtimmy

Mental health is no joke, and definitely not something you should be trivialing on social media. We're not sure why some people think it's cute or quirky to be the “crazy girlfriend”. But in many cases, their relationships end in a breakup when the men can't handle them anymore. If she ever wonders why she's single, it's because she proudly proclaims she's a “psycho”. It's even worse when these women embrace the crazy persona thinking that's what men want. At first, it might be fun being with someone so unpredictable. But we all know this kind of relationship can never last. Let's hope one day they'll wake up and realize they should change their attitude.

Not So Psyched To Meet You

Not So Psyched To Meet You 21
Reddit via u/youareunlimited

This spiritual woman is a major walking red flag, thankfully hardly any time was wasted in pursuing this relationship. Do you really want to date someone who can't think for themselves? Sure, it's cool to have friends and people to talk to about romantic endeavors with. But ultimately it's you who needs to make the final choice; not some kooky spiritual advisor.  To her credit, her rejection message was incredibly polite and well written, unlike some of the more rude ones that this list has seen. It looks like her spiritual advisor is teaching her about healthy communication and she's nailing it! It's a pity that she won't be nailing anything else due to her inability to think for herself. Oh well! 

Nice Assumption, But No Thanks

Nice Assumption, But No Thanks 22
reddit by u/blepadu

The whole weeb thing is pretty weird. There's this strange obsession some Americans have with Japan that goes beyond ordinary curiosity and appreciation. This girl had the unfortunate opportunity to talk with one of those people who not only assumed her racial background, but asked her out in the most cringe way possible too. Guess he's going to the sake bar alone.  The fact that this guy is fetishizing a culture of people and asking this girl out specifically for her assumed background is really creepy. A lot of Asian women have spoken up about this really creepy trend before, and there's not much else to say except that we think it's disgusting. 

Please Leave Our Souls Out Of This

Please Leave Our Souls Out of This 23
Reddit by u/ExpertAccident

Extroverts and introverts are forever locked in this eternal dance. Introverts just want to go about their days in quiet reflection. Extroverts want to set the world on fire and party! Those are pretty extreme definitions. So is this guy's tweet that went viral with a whopping two likes. Just because someone goes from being shy to being more forward has nothing to do with their soul. Maybe their souls just felt like being a bit more open?  Have you ever thought about that? No, because you were too busy staring at shy women wondering why they wouldn't open up to you. We're pretty sure there are some extroverted nuns that would argue against their souls being considered lost.

All Students Are Now Gay

All Students Are Now Gay 24
Reddit by u/brosley77

Remember back in school when we had to wear those ridiculously overstuffed backpacks? You could practically tip a kid over if you tapped them on the shoulder while wearing one of those! Well, according to this authority on absolutely nothing, backpacks show off your sexuality. Ladies, if you ever wear a backpack for anything instead you're a lesbian. How does that work? We're not sure. We don't make the rules. We're just reporting on the stupidest ones we could find. It seems like a lot of mental gymnastics to perform over daily luggage. What sort of logic even goes into thinking up a theory like this?

Someone Should Tell Her That Love Is Blind

Someone Should Tell Her That Love Is Blind 25
reddit by u/quinnies

People need to learn that not everything you think needs to be be voiced online. The comfort and anonymity of the internet has resulted in many people speaking their minds about things that should be kept to themselves. We're all about voicing your opinion, but not when it's at the expense of someone else. We're very happy this woman is 127lb, blonde and pretty, but maybe a wedding photo is not the place you want to be saying that. It's the equivalent of coming to a wedding in a white dress, you just don't do it. Someone should tell her that love is not about looks but mutual passion, respect, and appreciation for one another.

Beware Of The Cycle Paths

Beware of the Cycle Paths 26
reddit by u/enigmaticbloke

If you were ever wondering what a red flag is, this woman is a prime example. And it's not just women, if anyone boasts about being crazy as if it's an achievement, get as far away from them as possible. It seems that many people think that being mentally unstable is a positive thing. Plus, who looks at this kind of post and thinks to themselves “yes! that's a woman I would like to date”. Usually, when we end up with a crazy partner it's something we find out later in the relationship and deal with it accordingly. Maybe knowing it ahead of time isn't such a bad thing.

This Screams Horrible In Multiple Ways

This Screams Horrible in Multiple Ways 27

People are people and cars are cars. They're vastly different things that are nearly impossible to compare. That hasn't stopped someone from doing just that. Just like a new relationship, shopping around for a car can be exhausting. There are so many things to look out for. But unlike cars people are never second-hand. If this dude is looking for a girlfriend he's going about it all wrong. You can't just look up the Blue Book value of another person. Also, how are virginity and excitement accurate measures of a relationship? Drive out of here with that nonsense until the road runs out.

He Flew Too Close To The Sun

He Flew Too Close To The Sun 28

Have you ever been on an absolute roll only to realize that you should have stopped earlier? There IS such a thing as going too far. This guy probably regretted doubling down on this lame joke. Sometimes being too straightforward isn't the best way to go, this person learned that the hard way. Hopefully, he'll change his tactics in the future. After that first mistake, he should have gathered his pride and moved on but he somehow felt the need to send a follow up message. And it's a pretty cringy way to back-pedal. Seriously, “yolo and stuff”? If her mind wasn't made up about hooking up with him before, it certainly is now! Macarena is looking for an adult connection, not a man-child. 

When No Means Yes

When No Means Yes 29
reddit by u/mysteriousflux

For the longest time, people have been struggling with the question “when does no actually mean no”. Usually, we assume that no means no, end of the story. But posts like this one make us question everything we know about the word. Can you imagine what life would be like if this was a regular occurrence? You sit at a restaurant and order something to eat, the waiter brings your food and asks if you'd like something to drink. You tell him no and he walks away, only to return with a drink you didn't want. If no meant yes then we'd be living in a world of chaos. Just communicate what you want, we're all adults here! 

She’s Loyal But Not To You

She’s Loyal but Not to You 30
reddit by u/CyanParadigm

Managing a relationship is never easy, there are always bumps and scuffs along the way. But one o the worst things a person can do is cheat on their spouse. The right thing to do in this case would be to tell them, apologize, and hope they forgive you, though we wouldn't be too hopeful about things working out after that.  The wrong thing to do is play the victim and tell them how sorry they'll be if you dump them. It seems like there are people walking among us who ever learned the art of being modest and respectful. It's bad enough you cheated on him, now you're making it worse by guilt-tripping him? Let's hope this made her appreciate what she used to have.

That’s Not How Job Recommendations Work

That’s Not How Job Recommendations Work 31
reddit by u/DoesThisUnitHavaSoul

Being someone's job recommendation is a pretty easy deal. As long as they're not a frenemy you don't have to do much. Someone calls, you brag about your friend (pretend they're a coworker), the end. Then the friend gets a job and everyone's happy…except this guy. Instead of just being happy he helped someone get hired he demanded something a bit more physical. Not only did he assume his friend wanted to sleep with him, but he felt ENTITLED to that. Excuse us? Where and why? Not only is this preposterous and completely uncalled for, but the friend said she wasn't interested. This just caused the guy to try and plead/threaten his case even harder. Ugh, gross.

He Can’t Tell Whether Women Are People

He Can’t Tell Whether Women Are People 32
Reddit by u/MniTain38

Marriage is an ancient concept created to strengthen bonds and help people survive. Over time it became religious, then symbolic, and now it's for entertainment. Don't believe us? Turn on any streaming service or television channel aimed at women. While marriage is shown as a fun, terrifying, and necessary thing in women's lives, it's the opposite for some men. Some idiots, like this one, honestly think marriage is all about acquiring someone. They think they're getting something to own. Just because you're married to someone doesn't mean you lose your identity. Anyone who demands that should probably be left at the altar.

Please Don’t Explain

Please Don’t Explain 33
Reddit by u/Estellar123

Is it because women aren't dogs or chickens at a pedigree show? This kind of creepy grading and observation system can't be healthy. Who even thinks about looking for character insights in someone's bunions and knuckles? This is why it's always important to step away from your smartphone and other screens after a while. Explore the outdoors. Read a book printed on paper. Maybe clear your mind or seek professional treatment for whatever mental disorder is causing you to think like this. We're not sure, but any of those options sound better than creeping women out with this weird…habit? Practice? Whatever it is, please stop doing it.

Not Very Romantic

Not Very Romantic 34

Maybe it's because we're sentimental, but we have a box of special little things we've collected over the years: concert tickets, Photo Booth pictures from drunk nights out, and old love letters that still make us smile. Now that you're feeling all nostalgic, check out the “love letter” that this ex sent for her former partner's birthday. This isn't quite the kind of note that we'd treasure for years to come, but we may not know all the details. It seems like a third person is involved, but we just know her as a very colorful nickname. Was cheating involved here? It feels like cheating was involved here.

He Took That Well

He Took That Well 35
reddit by u/PageAccomplished8438

This is a prime example of why some women are afraid of rejecting men in real life. You can never know when someone will flip on you out of nowhere and potentially hurt you. We get that getting rejected puts people in an awkward situation, but that's no reason to flip the table and go berserk. This guy needs to learn how to chill out. Honestly, if you act that way towards women you don't deserve to be in a relationship with one. Having common sense and respect for others is the most important value for every human being. We'd suggest working on yourself before you try and “hit” on someone, rejection is not nice but being a jerk is worse.

So…Why Did You Match With Him? 

So…Why Did You Match With Him?  36
reddit by u/brokenfl

Sometimes we send messages we think are slick and funny. But different people have different types of humor. And in this case, this woman was not entertained by this guy's snarky remarks. It might be frustrating when people don't understand your jokes. But at the same time, you have to understand that they don't have to. In this case, it seems like she really wasn't having his joke. It seems harmless enough to us, but it was absolutely unacceptable to her. Maybe it's best that this conversation ended where it did, a first date with these two would've been a total disaster! Though we hope he doesn't give up on the jokes, we thought it was pretty endearing.

He’s Totally Unhinged

He’s Totally Unhinged 37
Reddit by u/mistypuffss

When you're in a long-distance relationship, or just flirting online, finding the time to connect with another person can be tricky. Time zones, work, and other commitments can really screw up everyone's schedule. However, if you're in an adult relationship, that means everyone should understand we're too busy to talk sometimes. Not everyone is that rational. Plus, if a (potential) partner can't deal with that, toss them to the digital curb. Just because you can't speak at their determined time doesn't mean they're not important. They're just not your highest priority at the moment. Good thing this guy showed his true colors then instead of acting like a jerk in person. In the long run, he's saving you time!


Gross!  38
Reddit by u/declan315

This isn't a men vs women issue. This is straight-up a cleanliness issue. In fact, this is a great example of a toxic guy who actually may be LITERALLY toxic. Fellas, it's not gay to wash your butt. People with bidets have been doing it for centuries! Why do you want to crawl into bed (especially with another person) with a dirty behind? That's literally crappy behavior. Ugh, this is gross on multiple levels. Dump this dude and get you someone who values their personal hygiene. Also, sanitize EVERYTHING in your house. This is the same type of person who probably thinks crossing your legs makes you gay (fun fact: it doesn't).

Don’t Date Someone Who Thinks This

Don’t Date Someone Who Thinks This 39
Reddit by u/thaiyalong2000

No means no. Why is this lesson so hard to get into people's heads? If someone refuses your advances, the only acceptable response is “okay.” Then the rejected person does NOTHING. That's the whole point of no. If your partner says no to an intimate moment, and you force it on them, that's assault. There's no “grey area” in rejection. True love means respecting your partner's boundaries. If you can't understand that then you need to be alone for a LONG time (or forever). We can't believe this guy is framing respect as something undesirable. Ladies, if he doesn't acknowledge your boundaries then he DEFINITELY doesn't love you!

Why Are They Still Together? 

Why Are They Still Together?  40
Reddit by u/annoyeddictater

Not everyone is great at delivering compliments. Even when it's about themselves, some guys just can't cross the finish line of a compliment without tripping and looking stupid. Relationships aren't the easiest things to maintain. But over time, people learn to communicate, and that in turn strengthens their bond. Carrying a photo of your loved one in your wallet is a sweet and endearing way to keep them near you wherever you go. Calling that person a psychopath is a bit less endearing. Besides, who says you're so perfect and mentally stable? We don't see your girl just trashing you on social media. Maybe she does, we don't know. What's her handle?

Not How You Ask Someone Out

Not How You Ask Someone Out 41
reddit by u/hevondamrick

You know when you go to a restaurant, and you place an order, and then the cashier asks for your number? That's so they can call and tell you that your order is ready at the restaurant. If a cashier uses that information to call you after the fact, that's way out of line. But, if someone else who was standing in line was eavesdropping and found your number that way, that is a whole different story entirely.  Is this not one of the creepiest things you've ever seen? What made this guy think this would be alright!? Plus, if he thought she was cute at the restaurant, he could've just talked to her there, or asked for her number there. But instead, he went the absolute creeper route. 

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